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Background Information on LuLuBell
A Kansas City & Overland Park Area Professional Clown Performer for Kids birthday parties and events.

The character LuLuBell the clown was born in 1996 after her developer, Ramona Parker, had raised four children and completed her college degree in Early Childhood Education. Ramona saw ads in the local community college schedules for classes on clowning and thought it would be refreshing to take a class.

A seed had been planted years ago at a women's conference where a women taught a class on the "healing power" of laughter as a clown, but Ramona didn't not see how she could do that at that time in her life. Then things began to change in her life. She saw the opportunity to include clowning in her life and took it.

She never realized where it would go or how her background in business, teaching, special education and directing pre-school could connect so well with entertaining.

She started taking classes, both local and national including classes from some very well known local performers in the clowning field. LuLu Bell’s first experiences included birthday parties, parades and a few stage shows with her local clown alley. Then LuLuBell performed at nursing homes, preschools and shopping malls. When she saw how much opportunity there was and how it fit in with her life, she decided it was time to become a full-time clown.

From that time, her business grew from one clown character to many characters, as well as other entertaining aspects for her performances. She is continually reading, studying, watching, and learning to improve her abilities. She strives to give a professional look and performance to all her customers whether it is family or corporate event, no matter the number in attendance.

LuLuBell’s promise is to give each customer only her best at each appearance. All performances will be clean in body, language and spirit. The end result is the experiences of her audiences, of all ages and genders, be entertaining, enjoyable, memorable and glad they were able to be a part of the fun.

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